2018 WCHL People’s Choice Awards—Best Overnight Stay

We were honored to be voted “Best Overnight Stay” in the 2018 WCHL People’s Choice Awards.

In 2017 alone, families from all over North Carolina and beyond stayed at the House for nearly 12,000 nights. Families come to our House during their most challenging hours.

What makes this award so special to us is that YOU made it happen. Our local community voted for us, among amazing, for-profit organizations, and we WON! We know it is likely that many of the individuals who voted for us have never spent a single night with us, and we hope that they never have to.

It means the world to us that our community thinks so highly of this organization.

So, what does an overnight stay at the Ronald McDonald House look like?

Thank you for voting the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill the “Best Overnight Stay.”

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