Christina and Caroline

Birthdays are always special. But there’s even more to celebrate when they come with a clean bill of health—which is exactly what Christina’s daughter Caroline received recently at her two-year-old checkup.

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Christina the first time she held Caroline at three-weeks-old (left) and current (right).

Caroline was born with gastroschisis, meaning her intestines were outside of her body. Born in New Hanover, Caroline was transferred to UNC Children’s for treatment, during which Christina stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill for four months.

“You don’t think about the NICU, PICU of hospital until you’re actually in it,” Christina commented during her daughter’s treatment. “The Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill is a place to call home when you have to be far away from home. When you have someone in the hospital it’s one of the best places you can be.”

Christina connected with other families during her stay at the House, many of whom she still keeps in touch with. “Evchristina johnsoneryone tries to take care of each other,” she said. “You get to talk to other families who have people in the hospital, see what they’re going through and their story.”

According to Christina, life since leaving the House has been “normal.” “Normal is a nice change from how she started out,” Kristina commented. “We are definitely more grateful for every moment with her.”

These days, Christina is enjoying Caroline’s fighting spirit. “She loves to sing and dance and give me sassy attitude!”

“The friendliness of the staff made them seem like family and their comfort helped us comfort her. We will never forget this house and we think of them everyday. We love RMH Chapel Hill!”

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