Hero for Hope Chris Woodfin

Be a Hero for Hope this Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us and soon neighborhoods everywhere will be filled with various creatively costumed creatures… everything from ghosts & ghouls to Pokémon & Kardashians— and of course superheroes. It’s those superheroes that we know so very well, because we see them daily here at Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.

Just ask Chris Woodfin, former President of the RMHCH Board of Directors and an original RMHCH Hero for Hope.

“I have seen towering strength…just look at the new facility that was raised in a Herculean effort!  I have seen laser-focused (if not X-ray) vision…just look at the programs that have been so keenly fashioned to meet the complex as well as the simple needs of these precious families.  I have seen relentless courage…just look into the eyes of every mom, dad, and child who comes through the House.”

Chris was first introduced to the Ronald McDonald House Charities when he lived in Chattanooga, TN over 30 years ago. His wife was a NICU nurse at a local children’s hospital. “She was going by RMH to check on a family whose baby she was caring for in the Unit, and she took me along,” he said. “I was awestruck at the mission and purpose of RMH.”

When the Woodfin family moved to Chapel Hill in 1997, they became involved with RMHCH’s annual Light A Luminary project. “With a spouse who worked in healthcare for many years, and being blessed with two healthy children, I was doubly drawn to the work of the House,” he said. “I needed to do more than light luminaries.  I saw an opportunity to put my business experience to good use outside the workplace, and working on the RMHCH board was a great way to do that.”

And now, though Chris’ term on the Board of Directors has come to an end, he says, “the needs of the families continue, and we can’t ever forget them.”

That’s where the Hero for Hope monthly giving program comes in. By giving $85 per month, donors help cover our costs of water, electricity and other essentials, as well as compensate for the number of families able to pay for their stays.

Chris believes participating in the Hero for Hope program reflects the heroic spirit of everyone who comes through our doors. “While the Hero for Hope donor is not on the front lines of the battle being waged, this Hero is there to lift these families up with financial support and other moral support—helping to ensure that the haven of RMHCH is there to provide the Hope so essential to the coping process.”

So this Halloween, you could be Pikachu, Elsa, or Batman. But why not join Chris as a Hero for Hope for thousands of families in need each year?


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