The Forbis Family

When guests stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill (RMH), they become a part of the family—a part of the Ronald McDonald House family. The Forbis Family makes no exception. Brian and Kathleen Forbis have three beautiful children: Logan (8), Mason (4), and Madison (4). Their journey with Ronald McDonald House began in 2012 when Logan was born.

“On February 14th, 2012, (at just 8 days old) Logan was transferred from the Women’s Hospital of Greensboro to UNC Children’s Hospital for further testing and diagnosis. A friend mentioned the Ronald McDonald House because of their previous stay there and how great it was. So, on our way down to Chapel Hill we called to see if there were any available rooms and luckily there were…”

FB_IMG_1579613359329“Logan was born with x linked Myotubular Myopathy which affects all the muscles in the body. He has a trach and is on a ventilator 24/7. He is not able to swallow so he has a feeding tube. He is able to get around in a motorized wheelchair. His disease is very rare, and most boys don’t make it past their 1st year.” Logan just celebrated his 8th birthday.

Brian and his family said that Ronald McDonald House was a huge help during a very difficult time. “Our first impression of the House was that the staff was very nice and was there to support you through this journey. The experience would have been very difficult not only financially but emotionally. We would have been stressed. Having the House was a true blessing.”

“The Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill supported our family for 3 months. The House saved a lot of money and was there for emotional support. RMH eased our mind on financial issues and having a place to lay our head. The House provided a great shuttle to the hospital on a daily basis and there were also many groups that came in to feed us.”

The Forbis Family’s relationship with Ronald McDonald House did not stop in 2012. “We have made connections with other families as well as some staff members. Our family continues to collect can tabs for the House. We want to keep giving to the House because they did so much for us… whether it is through pop tabs or fixing a meal.”FB_IMG_1581001362986

Brian and his family made lasting relationships while staying at the Ronald McDonald House. These kind of support systems are crucial to a family’s journey and to the RMH mission. After their initial stay, the Forbis Family had a cookout at the House with friends they had made during their visit.

“Our son Logan has a tough road ahead as he is dealing with kyphosis and scoliosis. We are unsure what organs will be affected next and are trying to alleviate the pain as much as we can. Our son enjoys life and being around his friends. He is very loved by our community. He is a social butterfly as my wife says. We want Logan to enjoy life the best he can.”

Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill is honored to walk alongside the Forbis Family during their journey. “The House is a great place to stay if you are only there a few days to even months. The staff truly care and want to make your stay as stress and worry free as possible. Families already have enough to worry about with your child being in the hospital. I would definitely recommend the House to a family.”

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