The Hanley Family

The Hanley family is a remarkable story of triumph, gratitude, and great selflessness.  In 2018, Jake Hanley was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, right before the start of his ninth-grade year.

“When I was in treatment, it was important for me to stay positive,” Jake said. “My family and I drove to UNC every Friday for inpatient chemotherapy, and because we didn’t live nearby, we often drove up the night before.  The friendly people and comfy rooms here at the Ronald McDonald House made us feel right at home and the friends we met and animals that visited helped to make every stay positive.  We spent a lot of nights watching movies in the TV room, put puzzles together and enjoyed a lot of great meals in the dining room.  We also would stay the night if I got out of treatment late.  The rooms were always a welcomed change from the hospital and the beds were always comfortable.”

Jake and his family were so grateful for their time spent at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill that they decided to pay it forward.  The Hanleys chose to adopt a room at RMH.  This program helps fund the operational cost of one guest room for a year.  Jake’s family adopted a room that was near and dear to their hearts so that others could feel the warmth of their story and their example.

“We stayed in this very room more times than I could count, and one day we made a promise that we would help others to feel as safe and comfortable as we did once I was better.  I am in remission now and still stay here from time to time for checkups.”

The signage in the Hanley family’s new adopted room reads, “When you stay here, I want to remind you that you will feel better and that you are not alone.” -Your friend, Jake Hanley.

Jake’s parents, Jennifer and Tim said, “Thankfully Jake is now in remission and we feel so blessed and wish to pay our good fortune forward.  Our family is proud to adopt one of the many rooms that we had the opportunity to stay in during Jake’s treatment.” -Forever grateful, the Hanley Family.

Jake and his family left their mark in a beautiful way, serving others and supporting families just like theirs.

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