Trent & Tyuss

Trent and his twin brother Tyuss were first introduced to RMH Chapel Hill when Trent was diagnosed with NK-cell Leukemia when he was thirteen years old. In October, the two brothers celebrated their 18th birthday during a stay at the House. Trent says that driving is one of his favorite things to do for fun which made entering to win our “Keys for Hope” car raffle a perfect birthday celebration.

Trent enjoys playing video games, cooking, and going to the movies. He also likes listening to rap and gospel music. He says that his favorite thing about Ronald McDonald House is the people. “I love a lot of the people there. Everyone who works there is extremely nice.” He especially enjoys Baffling Barry and his card tricks at the front desk.

When he grows up, Trent says he would like to go to college to become a doctor, chef, a business owner, or all of the above!

“The RMH has helped our family a ton,” Trent said. “When we had to stay up in Chapel Hill for long periods of time and didn’t have the money to stay at a hotel that was BMT safe, we could stay at the RMH. They have been a blessing not just to our family but to a lot of families that stay there. When we go to the RMH, we don’t have to worry about ‘do I have enough money to stay here, what are we going to eat, and where am I gonna lay my head tonight and still be close enough to the hospital in case my child has a serious emergency?’ The RMH has been very helpful and is a safe place for children with cancer to stay.”

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